Chairman's Message
The inspiration behind establishing CVM IAS Academy is the visionary civil servant and one of the chief architects of CVM - Dr. H.M. Patel.

Presently, the world is facing a leadership deficit. The country has many administrators but very few leaders among them. A sense of apathy to implementing new reforms for fear of breakdown of administrative machinery prevails.

At CVM IAS Academy, students will be groomed as holistic leaders who will be wearing their entrepreneurial hat and come up with innovative solutions coupled with pragmatic applications to issues that have been bothering the common man since the Independence.

The Academy will facilitate the students who aspire to serve the society by enabling them to successfully pass the UPSC examinations.

This shall be achieved with intense focus on their academics and equipping them with communication skills to put forth their ideas effectively and with firm conviction.

The academy strives to develop passion and zeal among the youth to pursue and dedicate a life towards public service. I am confident that the institution shall succeed in achieving this noble endeavour.

- Dr. C. L. Patel
Charutar Vidya Mandal